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November 12, 2013



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Brooklyn Gamery makes high-quality games for different devices and operating systems -- including new, experimental technology. We incorporate Agile and Lean Startup methodologies into our game-making process to create polished games in less time with less overhead.

When we make a game, it's made with the love of three multitalented game-makers. No matter the genre, each game we create will be tested and iterated upon multiple times to ensure that it is both beautiful and entertaining. That's why the Brooklyn Gamery's motto is "handcrafted video games delivered straight to your device".


Prism Shell, part 1

In October 2013, Catt Small, Chris Algoo, Dennis Liaw, and Xer Gata teamed up to participate in the 2013 Tizen Devlab and Hack event in New York. The resulting game, Prism Shell, beat out over 10 other products to win the runner-up prize. The initial version of the game had such great gameplay and polish that the judges were surprised it was actually made in 24 hours.

After winning the runner-up prize, the team incorporated and the Brooklyn Gamery was born. The game grew into a much larger project with planned in-app purchases and multiple tanks. They began playtesting the game and showing it off at events such as IndieCade East.

Super Love Jam

In addition to working on Prism Shell, the Brooklyn Gamery also held their first game jam. In order to increase the number of games about sexuality and gender, the Super Love Jam was held. In total, six finished games were shown at the end of the event. The team agreed to hold more game jams in the future.


During the 2014 IndiE3 event, a jam was held to encourage people to create indie games. Brooklyn Gamery created a local multiplayer magical girl fighting game called Magikill. The game is currently only in prototypical stages, but the team plans to continue working on it after Prism Shell is released.

Prism Shell, part 2

In order to ship the game faster, the team decided to scale the game back down to its core differentiators. They cut out the in-app purchase feature and decided to ship with a single tank, the Prism Shell. By September 2014, they had a polished game that was nearly ready to ship. Following Xer’s departure in January 2014, Brooklyn Gamery is moving forward with plans to launch Prism Shell. Wish us luck!


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